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This was so inspiring to read. Originally posted by Tahera Nassrat @ Voice of Afghanistan > Check out the site, it has some great posts! Sometimes I want to leave this place and go away. I want to restart my life somewhere else. I want to be in a place where I will not get […]

Here are a few links that you should look into and read. ◊ ‘Worse than the Taliban’ ◊ ‘Bachabaze’ ◊ ‘Rape victims in the Congo’ ◊ ‘Rape by Deception’ ◊ ‘Slut Shaming’ (Carla Bruni, Iranian Press)

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This is just a start up post to let ya’ll know what kind of blog this is. I came up with starting a blog that discusses issues such as gender and feminism and the media. I want to show that feminism is still relevant in today’s context and how sexism impacts not just women, but […]