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Hey everyone 🙂 I’m just throwing ideas around at the moment, but I’m hoping to make a short video/ad awareness campaign regarding domestic violence in time for White Ribbon Day (25 Novemeber). I’m working on the script at the moment and I’ll update soon, regarding what’s what! Watch this space! Other links: Advertisements

Here are a few links that you should look into and read. ◊ ‘Worse than the Taliban’ ◊ ‘Bachabaze’ ◊ ‘Rape victims in the Congo’ ◊ ‘Rape by Deception’ ◊ ‘Slut Shaming’ (Carla Bruni, Iranian Press)

What makes a person a feminist? Does hating men, becoming a lesbian, not shaving your legs and burning your bra constitute to you being a feminist? Frankly, no. This belief is a misconception. And a rather clever one at that.  Feminism as a social movement has always been feared by patriarchal control, hence why it […]